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"Jordan Schultz’s ability to help me finish records to the finest details is critical and second to none. His ears, experience, and technical knowledge have saved me and my clients many days of trying to achieve the perfect sound. Jordan is hands-down one of the best audio engineers I have ever worked with. His abilities are not confined by genre and he can perform exceedingly well in almost every musical style."

Matt Schwartz - Legendary Producer

"Jordan is able to bring every track to the next level which can make or break a release. He has been mixing and mastering all my releases from the moment I started working with him and I highly recommend him to every fellow musician. Jordan consistently floors me with what he’s capable of doing and how efficiently he does it. The whole experience, start to finish, is everything I could ask for and more."


Sam Feldt - Multi-platinum selling artist & producer, Label Owner & Entrepreneur

"Jordan's abilities as a musician and an audio engineer are exceptional and have enabled us to execute some of the most challenging projects. His ability to adapt to each composition, arrange songs and execute it perfectly is outstanding."

Jon Barlow - CEO, 3Beat Records

"Jordan’s role was extremely critical to the commercial success of “RPDF” Wiplash’s debut album that was nominated for Best Rock Album at the 2022 Latin GRAMMYs Awards. He performed the leading role of mastering this album and as an experienced engineer was able to highlight the uniqueness of each song and bring out the best sound to match Wiplash’s style to the whole project."

Sebastian Krys - 7x Grammy & 13x Latin Grammy Winning Producer

"Jordan and I have been working together due to his outstanding level of skill and knowledge and he has been performing a critical role as an audio engineer on my releases helping their commercial success reaching high number of streams. Jordan is truly the most gifted audio engineer I have had the pleasure of working with. His precision to details and ability to deliver the exact sound is outstanding."

LODATO - Multiple #1 Billboard DJ/Producer

"Jordan performed the leading role in many releases of some of Spinnin’ Records biggest artists. During these projects Jordan was extremely easy to work with, he was quick at getting great sounds and had a take on how to put things together. He’s been a pleasure to work with and one of the reasons I am so pleased with these projects."

Jorn Heringa - Head of A&R, Spinnin’ Records

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